Try a Warm Spiced Vanilla Cocktail for something different

Try a Warm Spiced Vanilla Cocktail for something different

Craving something different for apres than the “usual” Irish Coffee? Why not give this tasty treat a try; Warm Spiced Vanilla Cocktail.

4c milk (whole milk makes it creamier!),
1/4c Pure Maple Syrup 🍁,
1/2 tsp nutmeg,
2/3c Irish Cream Liqueur,
1/3c Bourbon,
2 tsp Vanilla.

In a saucepan, combine milk, syrup, and nutmeg. Once hot, remove and stir in remaining ingredients. Serve with a cinnamon stick. Enjoy! #whistler #apres #drinkoncitizen #dontgothirsty #littlethingswhistler

To Capture a Moment…

To Capture a Moment…

We often use wine to make an occasion special, to make a toast, or to celebrate someone or something, and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy that which wine has to offer.  Today though, I consider the wine itself to be the moment.  The simple pleasure of the sip can be the occasion; it’s that moment when the wine offers the flavour, the comfort, or the refreshment you’re looking for.  Today, that wine is the Shea Wine Cellars Shea Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir.  Now I know it sounds like a repetitive name but the significance is that the Shea Vineyard (where many of Oregon’s top Pinot’s come from) is the property of Shea Wine Cellars, so while they sell a large portion of fruit from Shea, they keep their favourite bunches for their own wines and it is spectacular! The moment holds aromas and flavours of sweet spices, floral musk, raspberry, sweet beets, stewed strawberry, earth, hints of candied berries, and tangy cherry. The wonderfully balanced acidity and structure keep the wine elegant and focused with a persistent finish that showcases the well integrated fruit. It’s a perfect wine for an autumn moment.

~ MK

Rise & Shine Wines!

With the dawn of spring here, Easter just around the corner, and my body finally adjusting to Daylight Savings Time… it’s time for rise and shine wines!  Not necessarily wake up, roll out of bed and hit the bottle wines, but wines to waken the palate; wines with freshness to whet the appetite; welcome the spring; and celebrate wine and food.  Both whites and reds are appropriate in my opinion and here a few options that I enjoy.


Villa Conchi Cava Brut – a traditional method sparkling wine from Spain with beautiful fresh bubble, crisp acidity and delicate floral citrus and appley notes.  Great as an aperitif, or potentially breakfast wine, and believe it or not… a good match for potato chips!
See Ya Later Ranch “Belle” Viognier – the latest addition to the SYL stable.  This BC Viognier has a great balance between freshness, acidity, and ripe citrus and orchard fruit notes.  Mouth-watering on its own or a perfect match to herb pasta or fresh Halibut. 


Andeluna Malbec – High altitude vineyards give this medium-full bodied Argentine red inviting aromatics of blueberry, red currant and a hint of subtle spice.  Juicy acidity and smooth tannins round out the palate and make it an ideal partner for your favourite grilled meat.



El Chaparral Garnacha – A robust, and richly flavoured red from the Navarra region of Spain.  Deeply coloured and loaded with aromas and flavours of jammy berry fruit, toasty baking spice, sweet leathery hints and herbs.  A fantastic match for short ribs or Easter spring lamb.