"Cheap & Cheerful" Wine Club Event – October 2010

SNAP Sea-to-Sky was kind enough to take some photos of our last wine club event.  The theme was “cheap and cheerful”, and participants sampled wines from British Columbia, The United States, Chile and Argentina.  Looks like everyone had a great time!

Take a look and ENJOY!

                       Michael Kompass passionately presents the wine selections.


         Kerry Gamble & Tabetha Boot – CHEERS!

   Marilyn & Ian Crichton

          Lisa Fernandez, Dave Sharpe & Michelle Brown

     Geoff Patterson helping to serve.

      Linda McKean, Wilma Weidner & Kathy Macalister

     Dave & Karen Williamson and Skippy Keith enjoying a toast. 

New Members Invited!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop a greater appreciation for wine?  The Blackcomb Wine Club always welcomes new people! 

The Blackcomb Wine Appreciation Club has been active since 2001.  We are a community interest group focused on developing wine culture and appreciation through tasting and interaction.  “Membership” is open – no commitment is required, and there is no membership fee.   The club was developed as a sociable way to enjoy tasting wines, and discover new favourites (and learn a little too!). 

Events are generally held once per month at The Fitzsimmons Pub and occasionally at other venues (such as the Whistler Brewery or the Fairmont Wine Room etc).  There is a small drop in fee of $5 – $10/person.  The format is a sit-down, structured tasting, wine by wine, with host/moderator frequently with special guest speakers and occasional wine and food pairing dinners.  

Members are able to sample wines before purchasing, and there are significant wholesale savings when purchasing in quantities of cases or half cases (12 or 6 bottles).  

Future events are posted on The Blackcomb Liquor Store Facebook page. 

You are invited to our next event.  Come out and expand your palate and try some new wines!