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To Capture a Moment…

We often use wine to make an occasion special, to make a toast, or to celebrate someone or something, and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy that which wine has to offer.  Today though, I consider the wine itself to be the moment.  The simple pleasure of the sip can be the occasion; it’s that moment when the wine offers the flavour, the comfort, or the refreshment you’re looking for.  Today, that wine is the Shea Wine Cellars Shea Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir.  Now I know it sounds like a repetitive name but the significance is that the Shea Vineyard (where many of Oregon’s top Pinot’s come from) is the property of Shea Wine Cellars, so while they sell a large portion of fruit from Shea, they keep their favourite bunches for their own wines and it is spectacular! The moment holds aromas and flavours of sweet spices, floral musk, raspberry, sweet beets, stewed strawberry, earth, hints of candied berries, and tangy cherry. The wonderfully balanced acidity and structure keep the wine elegant and focused with a persistent finish that showcases the well integrated fruit. It’s a perfect wine for an autumn moment.


~ MK

The Little James Basket Press

In my wine experience, I have what I like to call ‘wishlist wines’.  These are wines I admire from afar; wines that are often impossible to find or impossible to afford.  Some people say it is better not to meet your heroes, and so perhaps it is best to keep the dream wines a fantasy we can admire in books, magazines or on extravagant wine lists.  Now the flipside to the coin is what I like to refer to as ‘workhorse wines’.  While the term does not conjure up a very romantic image, it describes wines that I can take pleasure in on a regular basis.  Wines that are approachable at a relatively young age, and have appeal both as a wine to enjoy by the glass as well as being suitably food-friendly.  One such wine, that both my wife Rachel and I count amongst our favourites, is the Chateau St. Cosme Little James Basket Press Grenache.Particularly appropriate as Grenache is one of my favourite red wine grapes for winter drinking, the Little James is a fantastic wine made by Chateau St. Cosme in Gigondas.  It is produced in a solera style, which in this case means it is made up of 50% current vintage wine blended with a combination of the previous 10 vintages.  This fractional blending gives the wine a very consistent, approachable style that offers wonderful complexity.  On the nose you will find subtle earthy hints, dried red and black berry fruits, vanilla and sweet herbal notes.  The palate is dry and medium full bodied with rich mouthfeel, balanced structure and layered black fruits, prune, cocoa powder and slightly nutty spice notes, with a very smooth lingering finish.  Terrific to have […]

"Great Grigio"

What’s in a name?  Well sense of identity I suppose; and with wines and grapes it is as applicable as with any other thing.  We, in North America, remain quite varietally focused with our wines.  We tend to gravitate towards wines named for the grape or grapes that they are produced from, and perhaps that is part of the success of Pinot Grigio.  I think people like to say the name, and it sounds exotic enough yet seems familiar enough that it isn’t intimidating.  Plus let’s face it… it’s not chardonnay, and for many wine drinkers that fact alone is enough to attract attention. So, whether you like to say Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio, you are talking about the same grape.  Different countries and different producers will result in differing styles, but ultimately it’s the same grape.  It tends to be light and crisp, with delicate aromatics, and slightly leaner structure than its cousins Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, and has an affinity towards lighter fare and seafood, or simply makes a refreshing companion to more intensely flavoured dishes.  A few that I am fond of are as follows:
Villa Chiopris Pinot Grigio – lean and mineral style with subtle citrus and straw notes, and crisp acidity.
Lagaria Pinot Grigio – slightly more modern version with a touch more fruit intensity on the nose and palate with citrus and floral notes and balanced acidity.
Zenato Pinot Grigio – classic lean and crisp, with a slightly richer mouth feel, balanced by white citrus, hints of minerality, and juicy acidity.
Fasoli Gino Pinot Grigio – an Italian beauty, with layered white fruit and citrus character, very slight herbaceous hints, balanced mineral and crisp acidity.

A Glass of Glenfarclas

There is something very alluring about Scotch whisky, and in particular Single Malt Scotch.  It is an aura of mystique, tradition, and the sense of place that true single malts provide.  All the great drinks of the world have it.  It keeps single malts among the most in-demand of spirits, as well as maintaining its luxury status.  The ability to evoke emotion; whether it’s a fond memory, a thrill of excitement as you tantalize your senses, or even the drowning of sorrows, is the calling card of something special.  And the whiskies of the Glenfarclas Distillery are something special.

One of the few remaining family-owned and operated highland distilleries, Glenfarclas has been headed by the Grant family for generations, not the Grant family of William Grant’s brand, but another Grant family, (all of them named either John or George).  Nestled along the banks of the SpeyRiver in the Highland district, they have been busy distilling since 1836, and continue to create beautiful single malt whiskies to this day. Using premium select barley malt and highland spring water, Glenfarclas whiskies are painstakingly milled, mashed, fermented and batch-distilled in small copper stills and then carefully aged, and finished in oak barrels 60% sherry cask finish and 40% new oak.

The Glenfarclas whiskies are of varying ages and character ranging from 10 year old to 40 year old, as well as special bottlings and a line of single vintage whiskies by year dating back as early as 1953!  But one trait shared by all of them is an elegant aromatic character.  By using no peat in the malting of the grain, the intense, sometimes bitter, smokey note is not present and so the whiskies become a touch more […]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung in Whistler – at least we hope it has!  Time for our SPRING NEWSLETTER – you can view a copy here.  Read about the great NEW ARRIVALS as well as some exciting product COMING SOON.  Introducing WINE TASTING EVENTS at the Blackcomb Liquor Store!  Starting on June 16, 2011 – bring some friends by to do our BOUNTY OF BC WINE TASTING.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday @ 1 PM.  Only $69/person, and discounts for groups of five or more.  For more information give us a call!  (604 932 9795).See you soon!  Cheers!

Happy Holidays from Blackcomb Liquor Store

Finally it’s here! The February wine clubAfter a minor delay we are back with another exciting tasting. This month we are featuring a focus on wine from Oregon. We will be pouring 2 whites and 4 reds of different styles, regions, and producers. It will be informative and delicious as always!Date: Thursday February 26thTime: 7pmWhere: The Fitzsimmons Pub Cost: $10.00 / personSeating is limited please RSVP by email michael@blackcombliquorstore.com or telephone @ 604-932-9795. Hope to see you there.Cheers,Michael


DECEMBER WINE CLUB!Hot on the heels of our last event I am excited to announce our next tasting which will be ‘An Evening of Bubblies’ – no Bubbies this year haha!I am hoping we can all get together to taste some terrific Champagnes and Sparkling wines before the full rush of the winter season kicks in.WHAT: An Evening of BubbliesDATE: Tuesday December 9th, 2008.VENUE: The Fitzsimmons PubTIME: 7:00 pmCOST: $10.00 / personAs always, space is limited and seats are bound to go quickly. Please RSVP as soon as you can in order to ensure your attendance either via email or telephone 604-932-9795.I look forward to seeing you all there!MICHAEL




Since the weather has finally become a little more favourable it is time for our next event. The Blackcomb Locals’ Wine Appreciation Club will be hosting a wine tasting featuring the wines of Lang Vineyards from Naramata. David Aidla will be with us to present the wines and share discussion. It is a seasonal theme with focus on white wines and rose. Please rsvp to confirm attendance, and I hope to hear from you soon. CheersMICHAELWHEN: THURSDAY MAY 29THTIME: 7PMWHERE: THE FITZSIMMONS PUBCOST: $5.00PLEASE RSVP BY EMAIL MICHAEL@BLACKCOMBLIQUORSTORE.COM OR CALLING 604-932-9795. REMEMBER SPACE IS LIMITED!WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS ON OUR WINE CLUB BLOG http://www.blackcombliquorstore.com/pgs/blog/index.html