Wine Tasting Events


Through our customized Sommelier-led presentation; experience the quality and diversity of the wine world from British Columbia and beyond!  Vintage Advice is available in the comfortable setting of The Fitzsimmons Pub, or conveniently mobile to bring the experience to your door.

    • Taste a special selection of both white and red wines from a variety of producers with
      description and discussion of style and country.
    • Discuss grape and wine characteristics, notable regions and producers.
    • Discover how to taste and assess wine correctly with the ‘Sniff, Slurp & Spit’ practice.
    • Learn the ‘cause and effect’ of wine and food chemistry, and how to match wine with your meal.
    • Enjoy wine and learn in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere with a professional Sommelier.

About Us

Family owned and operated since 1996, the Blackcomb Liquor Store has long been a destination for wine enthusiasts.  Home to Whistler’s largest selection of the most sought after BC wines as well as a serious selection of international vintages. Our friendly, experienced service staff confidently offer wine for any taste or occasion. Michael Kompass is a sommelier and graduate of both the Wine and Spirit Education Trust as well as the International Sommelier Guild. As the operator of The Blackcomb Liquor Store he has over 12 years experience in the wine and hospitality trade, and as a consultant in both the private and commercial sector. Michael is also the creator and director of the Blackcomb Wine Appreciation Club since 2001, and gladly shares his enthusiasm for wine with all!

Some fun wine facts:Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.35.01 PM

In 1930 there were only 13 wineries operating in BC.

There are 193 wineries in British Columbia and several licenses pending.

There are over 60+ grape varietals produced in British Columbia!

The world’s largest wine collection at sea is over 50,000 bottles and is claimed by The Queen Mary 2!

The average time between a vine’s flowering and harvest is …100 days.

The average cost per acre of un-improved vineyard land in the Okanagan is approximately $100,000!

Ancient Romans would attempt to cure hangovers by eating fried Canaries!

The VQA designation requires a professional tasting panel to approve each wine.