Call the Wine Whisperer

For beer, wine, spirits, snacks, smokes, and the kind of hostess gifts that will win you undying affection and another invitation to the party, every single time, come visit us at the base of Blackcomb.


Private Wine Seminars for Groups with Good Taste

Make your next meeting memorable, with a wine and beer tasting.

Michael Kompass is a wine whisperer. “I have a good instinct for wine. That’s my passion.”

A judge on the Corncuopia annual awards panel, and a professional taster for 20 years, put yourself in his hands. “My approach as a professional sommelier is to build wine culture, as opposed to being snooty, because that doesn’t make you any friends.” And wine should lead to friendship and good experiences. In the best scenarios.

Sommelier-led presentations, “Vintage Advice” sessions, combine tastings, insight and delight. Available for groups at the Fitzsimmons Pub, or in your own private location, let a wine whisperer inject something refreshing, bold and flavoursome into your next group gathering.

Taste a special selection of both white and red wines from a variety of producers with description and discussion of style and country.
Discuss grape and wine characteristics, notable regions and producers.
Discover how to taste and assess wine correctly with the ‘Sniff, Slurp & Spit’ practice.
Learn the ‘cause and effect’ of wine and food chemistry, and how to match wine with your meal.
Enjoy wine and learn in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere with a professional Sommelier.