Well it has been a rather unusual summer but I like to consider myself an optimist; and although as I write this, it is only 12 degrees Celsius outside in the middle of July, I look forward to the coming warm days of summer.  Not that we need an excuse, but once the warm days are upon us, we shall have the perfect opportunity to enjoy some cool white wines.  Now, cool can mean temperature in the sense of cool and refreshing white wines; but it also can mean wines of unique and interesting character and in this article we can examine a few wines to which both uses of ‘cool’ can apply!

Bodegas Aruspide ‘Trio’ Blanco – a Spanish number from Castilla la Mancha, it is an appropriately named blend of three grapes.  Chardonnay, Verdelho, and Airen, (which happens to be the most widely planted white wine grape in the world although most people have never heard of it).  This is a country wine, medium bodied and un-oaked with a slightly rustic edge to it that offers up citrus peel, dried orchard fruit, and a subtle nutty spicy note with crisp acidity.  Suitable for enjoying by the glass, but a great match for an afternoon tapenade platter.

Montresor Bianco del Nago – an interesting expression of classic Venetian white wine grape Garganega; a variety most often found blended into the wines of Soave.  Although it’s a little difficult to pronounce, it is easy to drink thanks to its inviting, slightly candied floral notes, and flavours of lemon zest, melon, and pear fruit.  It is an un-oaked, mid-weight white with a very pleasing hint of richness in the mouthfeel, followed by a crisp, dry finish.  Produced with a commitment to organic sustainable farming it makes an excellent match to seafood, shellfish, weisswurst, or a seasonal salad.

Inca Torrontes-Chardonnay – an unusual Argentine blend that puts it all together and makes a terrific wine.  You could say that Torrontes is the unofficial white wine grape of Argentina; fruity and aromatic and bearing a slight resemblance to Gewurztraminer, but when paired with approximately 20% Chardonnay you get a juicy summer white loaded with aromatics and flavours of mandarin orange, apple, stone fruits and slight spice.  Also un-oaked, this is a light bodied, juicy white perfect for patio sipping or washing down a spicy dynamite roll, or a picnic at the beach.

So when the warm weather gets here, (I’ve got my fingers crossed), reach for a ‘cool white’ and enjoy the sunshine.