In an attempt to hasten the arrival of the summer weather I am dedicating this to some local  BC white wines, well-suited to sipping in a warm comfortable spot in the sun.  Wines of refreshing, aromatic, fruit driven character that maintain suitable balance and acidity to keep the palate wanting just one more sip!


Stoneboat ‘Chorus’ White – is a suitably named harmonious white blend including varieties such as Kerner, Schoenburger, Viognier and more.  The blend here accentuates the layers of fruit both on the nose and palate with ripe melon, tropical citrus, and hints of honey and mineral.  It brings forth a touch of sweetness but retains an excellent crisp refreshing finish.


Stag’s Hollow ‘Con-Fusion’ White – this is another field blend white that tends to vary year by year depending on the vintage.  A little more delicate on the nose with light floral white citrus, green apple and stone fruit notes.  The relatively dry palate provides ripe follow up fruit, and a thirst-quenching freshness.


Hester Creek Trebbiano –  the only BC version of this classic Italian white that I have ever come across.  Mid-weight and juicy with warm weather compatible flavours of sweet grass, lemony citrus, and apple-pear notes.  A very subtle hint of richness on the palate, and persistent juicy finish make it a perfect picnic wine.

 Forbidden Fruit ‘Earth Series’ Sauvignon Blanc – this beauty is made from a clone sourced from Sauternes, and offers an enormous bowl of fruit on the nose.  Grapefruits, melon, apricots, guava, and orchard fruit, followed by a palate that is slightly less intense, but remains crisp, and just a touch off dry and will seduce and surprise.  Think of it as the anti-Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc!


So once the sunshine gets here, or anytime you need a refresher, try one of these patio pleasers, and sip with a smile!