In keeping with a summery theme, this month I’ve chosen a few wines suitable for the classic summer picnic at the park, beach, backyard, pool deck… whichever you may find yourself on.  Picnic wines, (like their first cousins ‘patio pleasers’), offer appealing and refreshing character, but must also provide a little more; a touch more structure, texture or subtle savoury notes to enhance the food affinity, bringing out the best in your food and drink. 

Las Brisas Blanco – clear, pale straw in colour, with young moderate aromatic notes of flower blossom, white tree fruits, and tropical citrus.  The palate is dry, quite fruit forward with moderate acidity, ripe follow up fruit character with slightly candied pear and delicate green herbal hints.  This Spanish white makes a match for oysters, mussels and clams or a fruit plate by the beach with a little chevre.

Domaine Nizas Rose –  clear, beautiful rosy pink in colour, with a youthful aromatic character offering rose notes, apple skin, delicate red berries, and sweet herbs.  Light to medium bodied and dry, with complex orange peel acidity, delicate hints of tangy cherry, strawberry and garden shoots.  A great partner for lighter fare from the grill, Gazpacho soup, or an array of salami, ham, Proscuitto and other charcuterie.


Laudun Chusclun Cotes du Rhone Blanc – clear and very pale in colour, with crisp youthful aromas on the nose offering fresh flowers, citrus blossom, and subtle hints of melon, and honey.  The palate is dry and medium full bodied, with balanced juicy acidity, subtle richness in the mouth feel and hints of melon, delicate white fruits, and mineral.  A terrific wine to have with leftover fried chicken, a fresh summer salad, or grilled turkey sausages.

So, pick your picnics carefully and don’t forget the wine!